Admission Policy

February 11, 2019 112

The Age Standard:

Given the importance of age homogeneity for each educational stage in achieving educational goals, avoiding behavioral problems, achieving interaction between students and the provision of safety and confidence, the legal age to register for each stage in our schools was determined based on the circulars we receive from the Ministry of Education. The following chart shows the youngest and the oldest ages approved for every stage in our schools:


Section Class Age (Minimum) Age (Maximum)
Nursery 1 Month 2 Years 6 Month
Kindergaten KG1 2 Years 9 Month 4 Years
KG2 3 Years 9 Month 5 Years
KG3 4 Years 9 Month 6 Years
GR1 5 Years 9 Month 7 Years
GR2 7 Years 8 Years
Elementary GR3 8 Years 9 Years
GR4 9 Years 10 Years
GR5 10 Years 11 Years
GR6 11 Years 12 Years


Section Class Age (Minimum) Age (Maximum)
GR7 12 Years 14 Years
Secondary GR8 13 Years 15 Years
GR9 14 Years 16 Years
GR10 15 Years 17 Years
High School GR11 16 Years 18 Years
GR12 17 Years 19 Years


The Personal Interview:

The Personal Interview for the Kindergarten Stage:

Children are interviewed by the kindergarten administration to make sure of their abilities and suitability to the stage program.

The Personal Interview for the Rest of the Stages:

The personal interview for students wishing to register in our schools is done by a special committee headed by the general director of schools or the person acting on behalf of her and the membership of the headmistress of every stage and assistant according to the interview schedules.

During the interview, the committee gets the first impression on the student’s personality and characteristics and understands special matters regarding the student’s family.

The committee also helps parents understand the educational philosophy of the schools, the nature of educational programs and the teaching method.

Placement test of the science students (Admission Test)

  • Students who wish to register in our schools are subject to a written test in (the Arabic and English languages and mathematics) on a day set by school.
  • Test fees for new students: SR 150.00
  • Results of applicants are sorted as (pass / fail) based on a percentage of 60% of the test.
  • The student’s parent is notified of his / her daughter’s admission or denial in order to proceed with the registration procedures.
  • Refraining from performing the placement tests subjects the students’ opportunity to join the school to cancellation.