February 11, 2019 171

Our Vision

We work together under one unified contemporary vision that believes in our values to raise a generation who can overcome life challenges.

Our mission

Children Garden School endeavors to implement the Islamic moral values and create creative, productive students who recognize their responsibilities and priorities that enable them to serve their society and community by activating their cognitive and scientific capabilities.

Our Values

  • Principles and ethics: We believe that honesty, justice, respect, consultation and freedom, are the main principles that draw our school path, and govern our behavior.
  • Responsibility: We believe that education is a great responsibility, and we are keen to fulfill this responsibility.
  • Proficiency: we believe that proficiency is our way to accomplish our great ambitions and our way to become unique and this how we prepare our work environment and how we build our team.
  • Learning: We believe that learning is a culture, and we are an educated organization that seeks knowledge, and employs a variety of sources to enrich this culture.
  • Contemporary: We believe that being a contemporary school takes an ever increasing effort that has no limits.
  • Partnership: We believe that students, parents, and the community are our partners in success and excellence. We follow the open door policy and we support our school community with a high sense of responsibility.

Our Goals

  • Provide an educational program that is based on our Arabic and Islamic heritage, culture and values.
  • Develop a sense of responsibility among the students.
  • Develop an interesting and exciting learning school environment for all school stakeholders.
  • Provide a unique educational program that qualify and prepare our students in their after school, higher education journey.
  • Develop the students ability to have critical organized thinking that is based on scientific foundation which will enable them to make wise decisions and recognize their capabilities in order to be creative self motivated and self leading citizens
  • Provide students with advanced technology learning tools that will increase their concentrating and recognizing skills which will save their valuable time and get the best use of it.
  • Develop critical scientific and research thinking skills and integrate it into our curriculum to help our students master the skills of research and experimentation in order for them to participate in creative and innovation contests and activities.
  • Develop the student awareness and life practical skills to be able to face and solve problems.
  • Develop the school evaluation system and tools through a series of standardized tests.
  • Activate and implement the cooperative learning program in the classroom.