Teacher’s Rights

February 20, 2019 149

The teacher professional rights

  • The teacher has the right to be trained in a professional standard to affect her performance and that could be achieved through continuous training and curriculum development.
  • Raising the level of the teacher performance and developed it through the requiring training sessions and demonstrate to the teacher the all-new in the field of education and training her on using modern methods and educational techniques to facilitated the process of education.
  • Encourage scientific research and experimentations: the teacher should be encouraged to use scientific research and experimentation in the field of planning, teaching methods, classroom management and calendar.
  • Provide extra attention to the exceptional teachers and working on developing their talents and documenting their activities and their outstanding accomplishments in studies, research and educate others about it.
  • Determine the functional system in a very precise way so the teacher could know what kind of support the school will provide and vice versa.
  • Addressing the teacher problems in an educational manner away from bullying and defamation.
  • Enable the teacher to teach in her specialization.
  • Provide an appropriate school environment, so the teacher could operate comfortably and securely.

The teacher financial rights

  • Given the teacher the rightful place in the educational ladder and decelerate the regulations that controls the salaries.
  • Provide incentives and financial rewards to develop the concept of motivation and passion for her profession.
  • Achievea sense of securityand job satisfaction to devote herself for her mission.

The teacher moral rights

  • Changing the stereotypical perception of the teacher that exists in the minds of the community and to highlight thebright image of the teacher andher essential role in buildinggenerationsand to increaseawareness of respecting and appreciating of the teacher among parents and students.
  • Giving the teacher the confidence and cooperating with her to achieve her mission andraise the moral sprit in her as an appreciation of endless effort.
    Develop a systemthat preserves thedignityofthe teacherfrom variousattacks.
  • Respectand appreciate theteacherandlisten toand assist her in solving theproblemsshe faces.